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What Change? 5 Positive Results Following Recent Civil Unrest

Social media trending topics become saturated with negativity following a social justice uprising, but now is the time to highlight positive influences!

Fred Hampton statue in Maywood
Fred Hampton statue in Maywood, IL

5) Small Business Stimulation

On my Facebook timeline, it is very clear and evident that many people have found the motivation to pursue their business endeavors and i'm excited. Sometimes we need to find an outlet to channel all of the frustration and stress from the daily news and fighting for equality when it comes to police brutality. Now is the best time to take advantage of opportunity while everyone's attention is aggressively supportive and vibrant. I wish we all could maintain this same energy even when times return back to their normal routines. I encourage everyone to read all regulations and legal formality requirements before jumping into business. You can support a few local entrepreneurs by checking out The Proviso Social Accelerator which will become a central marketplace with automated technical systems in the near future!

4) Healthy Debates And Conversations

It is tough to bring up conversations regarding social issues especially when society is stable with work, school, and family routines. The main purpose of protests are to raise awareness and open the table for discussion publicly. I have a sensation of freedom when I can discuss racism or prejudice neglect on Facebook or LinkedIn without fear of losing respect or business due to my perspective of things. We all are social human beings, so holding in thoughts without expression is not healthy and tends to build up tension. Being able to post micro-rants are acceptable and needed after a civil unrest.

3) Conscious Awareness and Spiritual Awakenings

After the drama and trauma of triggering events, a reciprocal result creates a boost of self-esteem and higher sense of self-awareness about society. I've noticed a number of people freely express their beliefs and philosophies after a revolutionary event. When things are not controllable or become over our head to digest, the most peaceful practice is allowing a higher power to deal with the circumstances. Everyone have different avenues in which they pray, heal, and meditate. People are also becoming more patient and open to listen to opposing beliefs. These principals are explained in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

2) Increase Community Organizing & Engagement

I am also seeing a number of organizations use their platforms to speak out and facilitate the direction of the movement. Non-profits, churches, and social clubs typically already have peacekeeping principals, objectives, and values instilled within their formalities. What impressed me this time around were new platforms emerging and how different organizations joining together under one umbrella demonstrating effective leadership setting examples for the next generation. Two organizations I noticed most within the Villages of Maywood, Bellwood, Hillside, and Broadview were:

Many other organizations were out and in full force but these two social media presence was consistent and noticeable. Check them out and support!

1) Local Government Showed Accountability

We typically demand that local officials take action after social uprisings without pandering to secure votes for re-election. This time, I witnessed majority of local mayors and state officials standing together asking the community for their support towards bridging trust gaps between residents and government. The benefits of this allowed people of the community to directly express their concerns or appreciation face to face and authentically. This was the first time I seen government marching side by side with protesters exchanging the same message from my township! At first I personally avoided political events, but my paradigm shifted when Illinois State Representative Chris Welch invited me to film an event that included speeches from the governor, local mayors, and others. This was critically important especially in economically depressed communities of low investments. Knowing that our government leaders are also passionate for change will boost the moral for the upcoming generations knowing that they have direct access for conversation with local government.

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