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5 Reasons Beyoncé & Megan's Savage Remix Is A Hit Record

Beyoncé & Megan The Stallion Drops Savage Remix for COVID-19 Charitable Purposes.

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1) During Pandemic, Music Fans Want Talented Entertainment.

Harvey & Charles make great points about Beyoncé & Megan Thee Stallion both dominating and maintaining successful careers as music artists that has mastered the art of entertainment with delivery, personality, and branding. The Savage Remix, released on April 28, 2020, was unexpected, unpredictable, and legit flawless all around. While most Americans are dealing with a disruption of life due to COVID-19, we need turnt-up and fun music for the excitement and hot topics to discuss as TMZ does well. Loren Lorosa, TMZ reporter seen in the video below points out that Megan's mother even admired and looked up to Beyoncé. So nonetheless, it had to be inspiring collaborating with your role model which probably once was a dream that came true. In Loren's words, people need to let her have her moment.

2) The Artists and Record Label Give Earnings To Houston Charity Organizations.

Despite the on-going drama and conflicts-of-interest within the offices, the fact that everyone was able and willing to separate business affairs for a bigger purpose is amazing. Both Beyoncé & Megan are Houston, TX natives, so the love for their city is evident. According to CNN & Billboard, they gave the earnings to a nonprofit charity organization called Bread of Life which focuses on providing disaster relief to those affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

3) Pending Lawsuits With Record Label.

The lawsuit is said to surround disagreements with bullying or mismanagement, but specific details are hard to pinpoint. It is said that Megan is suing her recording label 1501 Certified Entertainment that is based out of Houston, but the legality and details of conducting business are between them. Hopefully, Megan contract agreements are not being treated like Scottie Pippin's contract during his prime with the Chicago Bulls.

4) Nothing Is More Exciting Than Seeing The Haters Hate.

As I stated within the TMZ Live Show video above,

"The new remix came across my Tidal App and it was a hit record after first listening. Plus it serves as a public example of humility with everything going on and I ROCKS WITH IT!"

I feel like, if Megan legal disputes with the record label could be handled, why are people of social media expressing their dislike for the track? The opposition seems to be pressed for no apparent reason.

5) The Viral Numbers Are At The Top Of The Charts.

According to TMZ, in less than 24 hours, the remix had over 4 million views. According to Billboard, their May 1st poll showed a result of 46% votes for favorite new release category. During the entire Coronavirus quarantine, there has not been a time where I scroll Facebook & Twitter without someone posting their version of the Savage Tik Tok Challenge. YouTube now has 10.6 million views within 4 days. Megan Thee Stallion also currently have 10.7 followers on her Instagram. We will not go into discussion about their Fans Only exclusives in this post.

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